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At the moment we have a lot of projects on the go. As I am writing this, we are in the final stages of editing Planet of the Beavers episode 4. On the topic of Planet of the Beavers, the final two episodes’ scripts have been written but shooting has not begun and has not been determined when it will begin.

A fairly new project we have begun is The X.Files. Currently, two episodes have been released, with another episode scripted. For this series we have an overarching story to last for four seasons of approximately 10 episodes each, with each season having its own style and basic idea. This is a series we plan to finish 10 episodes by June of 2017, meaning an episode will be released every two weeks. Probably not that consistent though.
Our most important project we are working on is our first real film. We are creating a short film by the name of Open. I won’t reveal any details now, but it involves us having to learn how to apply for film grants and how to create a proper indie film. We are aiming to have this project completed for August of 2017 and will be entering it into TIFF.
-Justin Church 12/2/2016

By Justin Church

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