What we have been working on Archive (2)

At the moment we have a few projects on the go. We recently started shooting Planet of the Beavers episode 5 and will continue working on that in the next few months. We also recently finished the first season of the X.Files and plan to continue it for another season.

The most important thing we are working on though is our first real short film, Open, which we are hoping to submit into the Fall 2017 Toronto International Film Festival. In the coming months we will be shooting, editing, and releasing it if all goes to plan, and will be submitting it to TIFF.

We are also working with two new ideas which have both yet to be named, but first drafts of the scripts have been written, so we will see what happens with those projects.
At this very moment, we are determining whether or not a new member will be joining our team, we hope for the best as another member would be a real big help.
-Justin Church

By Justin Church

Justin Church's life is a complete mystery to all. He likes it that way. Look further at your own peril...

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