TPM’s Marvelous May News Update (2021)

Hello Interwebs! Welcome to TPM’s May news update. Read on to learn what fabulous films, scintillating scripts, stupendous sketches and brilliant books we’ve developed this month.   

Pre-production Projects

Last month Justin sent me his short film Below Zero, hoping a fresh pair of eyes might bring new perspective to the work. In other words– I’m writing draft 2 of the story. So I’ve chipped away at BZ throughout the month of May, tweaking the story and adding my own elements to it. Ideally, my inputs along with Justin’s original story will lead to the best possible product! But I guess you’ll be the judge of that.

While I produced BZ, Justin plotted a short film called Capture the Moment (that’s the working title, anyway). As with most of the concepts which come out of Justin’s brain, this one is imaginative and strange, yet thought-provoking. I don’t want to get into the plot details yet, but it’s sure to be a unique film. That’s all I’ll say on that for the moment.

In the last few monthly updates, I’ve discussed plans to film sketches all on my own (to keep our YouTube channel active). To that end, I wrote a new sketch called Poker in the Pandemic. Unfortunately, you won’t be seeing it for another few months. For scheduling purposes, I want to have 4-5 sketches written before I film/ release anything.

And now, something new! Justin recently purchased a drawing tablet just to develop a new animated action series he thought up (working title: “The Night Hunt”). The stories centre around a mysterious late-night radio host from the supernatural town of Aberdeen. In this place, monsters are neither uncommon, nor are they considered tall tales. The scariest things you can think of are real and they roam the night, stalking humanity like prey. This host’s job is to investigate sightings and share information about the monsters, ensuring Aberdeen’s citizens stay well informed. But the host knows more about these threats than he lets on, and his radio show hides a deeper agenda…

“The Host”– drawn by “The most fabulous CEO” (Justin)

Production Projects

Still nothing on the go! Moving on…


Throughout May, I continued CGI background construction for Retribution Isle. The process continues to be a steep learning curve. I’m just figuring it out as I go. That said– I’ve refined my procedures substantially, compared to last month. The way I’m developing the project now is over twice as fast as before, and looks better. How can I go wrong? Trick question. I can’t.  

Graphic Novels

Another month, another Guild of Gallantry story to write! For the record, I aim to complete about one story a month (first draft). This month’s tale is a little different than the others because it’s not about a superhero– just someone who exists among them. Stella Mason is basically Tony Stark if he never got injured: she’s an egotistical, arrogant, and incredibly wealthy weapons manufacturer.

When a new client commissions Stella to create an unusual type of weapon– an artificial life form– Stella takes the task merely for the challenge. But the job spirals into a trial which Stella never bargained for… What happens when the smartest woman alive must contend with her equal: a weapon forged from her own intelligence?

​Besides this story, Matteo I brainstormed various other Guild adventures which we’ll produce at a later date.

Matteo continued work on his comedy fantasy novel, adding multiple new characters and plot-lines (including “Nasty Beard”– the drunken wizard– pictured below). This story is shaping up to be a fun adventure! Matteo is working overtime to subvert common fantasy tropes– so expect the unexpected with this one. I’m excited to see what he’s got in store. 

Nenomas Taybierd– AKA Nasty Beard

This has been TPM’s May news. If you have any questions about what I’ve written today, or have something you’d like to see addressed more in-depth in next month’s update, let me know in the comments. Also, if you have any ideas for future articles, or any general questions, let me know that as well. Be sure to like this article on Facebook and share if you enjoyed!

Till next time

Joe Morin

By Joseph Morin

Joe's passion for film and entertainment began at 7 years old when his younger brother demanded to watch Duel of the Fates every day for weeks (on DVD). Joe admired the sequence so much, he decided to dedicate his life to film-making and storytelling. He has a degree in Cinema and Media Studies from York University. Joe loves DC superheroes (especially Superman), the first six Star Wars movies, and arguing about media with anyone who will listen.

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