Planet of the Beavers: Tower of the Beavers Screenplay (Draft 2)- By Justin Church (With Contributions by Joe Morin)

Rise of the Planet of the Beavers (Shooting Script)‚Äč

Scene 1
Manimal: Beavers
Aussie: You Maniacs. You blew it up

Scene 2
Aussie: Alright, we must begin to discover what is left of humanity
Manimal: Beavers, Beavers Beavers?
Aussie: Ugh I still can’t understand you manimals
Man: Beavers, Beavers He-llo
Aussie: Crikey you said hello
Man: Discover humanity
Aussie: Yes, do you have any ideas
Man: Follow road
Aussie: Good idea mate. We should gather our supplies and go

after discovering the tower
Aussie: This must have been what was turning humans into manimals like you. We should probably camp out here manimals
Manimal: Beavers
Aussie: Yes manimal number one, after the apocalypse the beavers must have taken control of the planet somehow. I should probably give you manimals names so I don’t have to keep calling you manimal 1 and 2
Man: Me Alexander
Aussie: Hello Alexander, I’m Mortimer
Manimal: Beavers
Aussie: You look like a Jack. We’ll just call you Jack
Man: How you survive? No become manimal?
Aussie: Well before any of this happened I was on an expidition in the forest with my guide…

Scene 3
Guide: Why are we sitting in a metal tube?
Aussie: Look at this view of nature! It can’t be seen quite like this anywhere else.
Guide: How about on top of the sewage pipe instead of inside it?
Aussie: That attitude is why you are my companion and not the other way around. Why are you wearing that hat anyways? No aliens are coming today friend.
Guide: I’m not wearing the tin foil crown because I’m paranoid of alien abduction, but there is a local legend around here.
Aussie: Legend you say?
Guide: It is said that some time within the next couple of weeks, judgement day is coming and humanity will soon fall to a higher power.
Aussie: What a load of garbage!
Guide: That is why I wear this crown. It is said that the key to survival is the donning of a crown and Queen.
Aussie: You’ve got a Queen?
Guide: No. Queen as in the rockband. Do you feel that tremor sir? The apocalypse is here!
Aussie: Why are there so many beavers down there?
Guide: The prophecy is coming true!

after blast
Aussie: Crikey, are you alright
(Guide starts to walk towards him)
Aussie: What has happened to you
(guide tries to attack him)
Aussie: What is going on
(aussie runs away)

Scene 4
Aussie: Then I was just trying to survive like the rest of us. Let’s go see if we can use this tower to radio any survivors

After in tower
Man: Before boom, beavers beavers, I looking for beaver so I live apocalypse…

After Wilson is painted
Man: Wilson

Scene 5
Man: Then find you
Aussie: How is it that this came to be in the first place? Beavers are not intelligent enough to do something like this!
Manimal: Beavers
Aussie: Alright, then what’s your story mate
Manimal: Ahem, beavers beavers beaver. Beavers beavers. Beavers beavers? Beavers beavers beavers beavers, beavers beavers.
Aussie: Sorry mate, we just don’t understand
Aussie: I think I’ve finally got this thing working! Mayday, mayday. This is a distress signal going out to any survivors that may be out there. 
DISTORTED VOICE: You my friend are a pleasant sound in this wasteland. There’s a colony of survivors in the city close by to here.
Aussie: Which way to the city from the radio tower?
DISTORTED VOICE: I’m sorry I don’t know that area. If you do make it to the city then you can find us in the ruins of the McDonald’s.
Aussie: I suppose we head to the city now mates.

Scene 6
Aussie: The beavers have been here, keep moving

after big beaver poster
Manimal: Beavers!!!!

Scene 7
Aussie: Get your stinkin paws off me you damn dirty beavers
Man: Help we
Aussie: I’m coming
Manimal: Beavers!!
(all run)

Scene 8
Old man: I see, the chosen one approaches
Man: What are you talking about chosen one
Old man: The prophecy. One of you is the chosen one who will restore peace and balance to this world

By Joseph Morin

Joe's passion for film and entertainment began at 7 years old when his younger brother demanded to watch Duel of the Fates every day for weeks (on DVD). Joe admired the sequence so much, he decided to dedicate his life to film-making and storytelling. He has a degree in Cinema and Media Studies from York University. Joe loves DC superheroes (especially Superman), the first six Star Wars movies, and arguing about media with anyone who will listen.

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