Planet of the Beavers 2: Tower of the Beavers Screenplay (Draft 1)– By Joseph Morin

Rise of the Planet of the Beavers [Joe’s Rough Draft]

Scene 1 [Australian Adventurer and the Manimals leave the forest and see the sign with a beaver on it]

JUSTIN: Beaver!

ADVENTURER: You maniacs! You blew it up!

MATTEO: Beavers!

ADVENTURER: Yes manimal number one. After the nuclear apocalypse the beavers must have taken control of the planet somehow. But I wonder how we could have possibly survived. We should have been long dead from the radiation, or the initial explosions.

JUSTIN: Beavers.

ADVENTURER: What an interesting theory Manimal number 2! The beavers saved us by hiding us underground and then they must have done something to your heads. But why was I unaffected?

MATTEO: Queen.

ADVENTURER: Come to think of it, I was listening to Queen at the time of the apocalypse! Or at least I think I was. I honestly can’t remember anything before a few weeks ago. Could that have made a difference?

JUSTIN: Queen.

ADVENTURER: I’m sure it did! But there’s no time to think about that now my manimal friends. Our mission now is the search for any other survivors. Follow me men!

Scene 2 [The gang comes across an old radio tower]

ADVENTURER: Aha! We can use this radio tower to send out a broadcast to any other survivors that may be out there.

MATTEO: Beavers.

ADVENTURER (Next to a pole): Yes, they were here. Keep moving but stay vigilant. They may still be in the area.

[Inside the tower, the adventurer messes around and hooks up a transmitter]

ADVENTURER: Wow that’s odd…

JUSTIN: Beavers?

MATTEO: Queen?

ADVENTURER: No, not that. It’s just… I’m just beginning to remember where I was during the apocalypse and what happened.

JUSTIN: Beavers.

ADVENTURER: Well it all started in a metal tube close to the forest where we met around the time of the first nuclear explosion in the area. Of course since I survived it must have been far off, but I remember the tremors.

Scene 3 [Flashback of Adventurer in a metal tube with a companion]

COMPANION: Why are we sitting in a metal tube?

ADVENTURER: Look at this view of nature! It can’t be seen quite like this anywhere else.

COMPANION: How about on top of the sewage pipe instead of inside it?

ADVENTURER: That attitude is why you are my companion and not the other way around. Why are you wearing that hat anyways? No aliens are coming today friend.

COMPANION: I’m not wearing the tin foil crown because I’m paranoid of alien abduction, but there is a local legend around here.

ADVENTURER: Legend you say?

COMPANION: It is said that some time within the next couple of weeks, judgement day is coming and humanity will soon fall to a higher power.

ADVENTURER: What a load of garbage!

COMPANION: That is why I wear this crown. It is said that the key to survival is the donning of a crown and Queen.

ADVENTURER: You’ve got a Queen?

COMPANION: No. Queen as in the rockband. Do you feel that tremor sir? The apocalypse is here!

ADVENTURER: Why are there so many beavers down there?

COMPANION: The prophecy is coming true!

[Tremor knocks the companion out of the tunnel and down to the beavers. Drops his crown and Adventurer picks it up and puts it on. Puts in earbuds and starts singing Queen and another tremor causes him so slam his head and knock himself out. Adventurer wakes up in the tunnel still, and sees his companion on the ground outside.]

COMPANION (Weakly): Beavers. Beavers. Beavers.

ADVENETURER: You’ll get through this buddy. Come on!
COMPANION (Dying): Beav-

[Adventurer runs into forest]

Scene 4 [Back in the tower]

ADVENTURER: For some reason, that memory is still spotty and I can’t be certain that’s even quite what happened. I still can’t remember why I was there or frankly anything about my life before that. Well that’s all for now. Back to this.

[Adventurer cuts a wire and suddenly Justin and Matteo snap out of the trance they were in and begin acting like normal people]

JUSTIN: Beeee careful with that. You don’t want to electrocute us. Beavers. Queen.

ADVENTURER: Wait, did I hear that right?

MATTEO: Queen. I like Queen.

ADVENETURER: Was that a complete sentence manimal number 1?

MATTEO: Beavers.

JUSTIN: Hey man. I think I’m starting to Beaver. Sorry, I mean I think I’m starting to remember something.

ADVENETURER: I can’t believe what I’m hearing! A manimal that has reverted back to man? Tell me what you remember!

[Man wanders through the woods endlessly and begins to lose hope. Eventually he starts to get thin and then proceeds to eat the dog. Man begins to become a hunter and soon catches things and eats plants. Transition to man being affected by the blast. Man becomes manimalistic. Manimalistic for a while. Becomes friends with wilson. Flashback ends]

Scene 5 [Back in the tower]

ADVENTURER: Fascinating! But you can’t remember who you are either?

JUSTIN: No. Just call me (Insert name here).

ADVENETURER: And you can call me (Insert name here)

MATTEO: Beavers! I remember! Queen! Beavers! Beavers! Beavers!

JUSTIN: Is he having a flashback?

ADVENETURER: I think he’s trying too, but he isn’t quite out of the trance yet. What snapped you out of it?

JUSTIN: I think it’s when you cut that wire there. Maybe this tower is some kind of manimal control beacon. It’s signal keeps the manimals the way they are, that much I could tell. The entire time I was a manimal I felt like I was being controlled somehow and this must be it. Most of the human race must have been affected by towers like these.

ADVENETURER: Then why wasn’t I affected?

JUSTIN: It must be because of Queen and the crown like you said.

ADVENTURER: How is it that this came to be in the first place? Beavers are not intelligent enough to do something like this!

JUSTIN: I couldn’t tell you man.

ADVENTURER: I think I’ve finally got this thing working! Mayday, mayday. This is a distress signal going out to any survivors that may be out there.

DISTORTED VOICE: You my friend are a pleasant sound in this wasteland. There’s a colony of survivors in the city close by to here.

ADVENTURER: Which way to the city from the radio tower?

DISTORTED VOICE: I’m sorry I don’t know that area. If you do make it to (Insert city name) then you can find us in the ruins of the (place).

ADVENETURER: I suppose we head to the city next mates.

[Justin and Matteo leave first. Closeup of Adventurer’s face and flashback of adventurer walking out of the tunnel and shooting the tour guide off camera. He is slightly disturbed by the new memory but yet not particularly phased]

Scene 6

[Men reach the city. See big beaver is watching poster. Beavers jump at men. Black]

Scene 7

[Shows man waking up. Sees australian adventurer fighting his beaver captives. Manimal and man are rescued by australian adventurer and all run away]

Scene 8

-next time
-crazy old man shows them the prophecy and says one of you is the chosen one to restore peace to this world

By Joseph Morin

Joe's passion for film and entertainment began at 7 years old when his younger brother demanded to watch Duel of the Fates every day for weeks (on DVD). Joe admired the sequence so much, he decided to dedicate his life to film-making and storytelling. He has a degree in Cinema and Media Studies from York University. Joe loves DC superheroes (especially Superman), the first six Star Wars movies, and arguing about media with anyone who will listen.

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