Current Status of Our Projects

Short Films

A Blue Star Apart: COMPLETED– Awaiting distribution.
Planet of the Beavers 2.5: Manimal Food: Post-Production (Release Pending)
Planet of the Beavers 5: Post-production (Release Pending)
Retribution Isle (Pieced-together Version): Post-Production (Release Pending)
Cut it Out: Pre-production
Below Zero: Pre-Production
Capture the Moment: Pre-Production
Open: Pre-production


Planet of the Beavers: The Movie: Post-Production
​​Programmed to Please: Pre-production
A Song in My Heart: Pre-Production
Coming of Age: Pre-Production

Web Series

The Sampson Brown Show Episode 2: Pre-production


Real Legal Plumbers at Law: Pre-production
Hosers for Hire: Pre-Production

Graphic Novels

The Guild of Gallantry (Comic book universe): Currently Writing
Tales of Sesom: Currently Writing
Skog: Concept
Champions:​ Concept
The X. Files Season 2: Concept

Audio Dramas

Retribution Isle: Pre-Production
The X. Audio Files: Pre-Production
Kennedienne’s Crusades: Pre-Production

Video Games

Planet of the Beavers: The Game: Early Development