Are You a Man or a Muppet?

Are you a man or a Muppet? The great question every person should ask themselves. Most who are reading this, will not understand at the moment and are probably thinking ‘who in their right mind would ask themselves that?’. Well I did, but the question has a deeper meaning that is not seen on first inspection.

      The question is posed in the song ‘Man or Muppet’ (Click here to watch it) from The Muppets (2011). The two characters come to the conclusions that you are either: a man, a Muppet, a Muppet of a man, a very manly Muppet. Now on first hearing the song, you may think it is just a funny, comedic song, but there is a deeper meaning to it. If we put the conclusions of the questions on a line graph we get something that looks like this:

      Now here is where it gets tricky. The idea of being a Muppet, is like an character trait, usually related to fun or creativity. It can work with any character trait that represents you. For this example I will use creativity. So obviously to be a man is, well to be a man and fit with the norms of society, and is a rather plain way of being. On the opposite side we have Muppet, which in this case represents creativity. So when asked to pick where you fit on this line graph, it is asking what is at the core of you. Man, in this case, is plain, and Muppet is creative. Nobody can be physically made of creativity or be 100% plain, so you cannot be at the very ends of the graph. That leaves you with two options: Very manly Muppet, Muppet of a man. Are you a ball of creativity wrapped in a man suit, or are you a man covered in creativity? It asks you to look deep and see what is at the core of your personality. Are you the cookie cutter man frosted in creativity, or the chocolate ball of creativity wrapped in a man candy wrapping. This applies to many other attributes of people such as fun, intelligence, courage, and many other character traits. So when you listen to the song next, make sure to tell yourself “it’s time for me to decide. am I a man, or am I a Muppet?”

Beeth man, or beeth muppet
Or anywhere in between
Wipe your feet on the carpet
Before you meet your queen

By Justin Church

Justin Church's life is a complete mystery to all. He likes it that way. Look further at your own peril...

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