About Us

When you think of something, where does the thought go after you’ve conceived of it? You’ve probably never questioned such a thing until now, but stop for a second and ponder that. We exist on this Earth as physical beings, made of matter, but it has been theorized that any and every thought ever pondered resides in a mystical plane of existence devoted solely to ideas and reflections: a Thought Plane, as it were.

Thought Plane Media engages with this realm through the creative process. We’re storytellers by trade, but none of our stories exists in a vacuum. In fact, we exist in a symbiotic relationship with the Thought Plane, stealing inspiration from it as often as we add to it. But what for? Well, for your entertainment mostly. Our passion is bringing people an escape from their regular lives and transporting them to strange, dramatic and often humorous worlds of adventure and intrigue. So we invite you to join us as we bring you various stories which, we hope, will bring you some amusement and maybe even inspire thoughts for “the plane”.

If you have never seen our content before, here is the first story we would like to tell you: our origins (a solid starting point for any journey).

Picture this: three teenage boys in a forest, filming themselves singing Bohemian Rhapsody. That moment was both the climax of our first short film together and the unofficial start of this company.

Joe Morin and Justin Church have been lovers of film since childhood—so much, in fact, that they dreamed of making films someday. They spent much of their early teen years creating short films and skits with family and friends, honing their talents for bigger and better things to come. When these two boys finally met at Banting Memorial High School in Grade 9, they quickly became friends, bonding over their mutual hobbies. Over the following two years, Joe and Justin established themselves as the “Dynamic Duo of Drama” within the school’s arts community. Their collaborative efforts were well-known as bold and creative, and their acts were frequently anticipated amongst their peers.

In Grade 11, Joe and Justin were tasked with creating a short film for a class project, and naturally they decided to collaborate. Justin came up with the concept: a post-apocalyptic comedy about one coward’s search for an animal companion. The story required somebody with the ability to climb tall trees and play a monkey-man. That “Manimal” turned out to be Matteo Mustari, a former Performing Arts school student, recently transferred to Banting Memorial HS. His charisma and unhindered devotion to the absurdity of his role inspired further collaborations (the Planet of the Beavers series).

Post-graduation, Joe and Justin roomed together in their first year of college. Finding further commonality as two rural boys thrust into an unfamiliar and intimidating city (Toronto), Joe and Justin strengthened their friendship further. The abundance of time they spent together brought about a mutual creative renaissance between them, leading to a slew of new content and the official merging of their collective talents under the newly minted banner of Thought Plane Media.

Later re-integrating Matteo with the company and branding him a “founding member”, the three men have pursued creative endeavors ever since as a passionate hobby!